My 40th- never finished. Toddler.

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This is how I celebrated my 40th.

Instead of some glitzy glammy party I opted for a day with you and Dad and a day with dear friends.  What I didn’t anticipate was the copious amount of hard cash your Dad surprised me with to go on a shopping spree- holla- or the absolute wisdom and love from my friends.  I mean, I knew they were cool.  Including Dada.  I just was pleasantly surprised all around.

That’s as far as I got before yogurt covered almonds and fresh organic strawberries lured me away.  I had high hopes of writing this long beautiful blog about my birthday.  About sitting around a long table outdoors in perfect inclement Southern California almost Spring weather, enjoying high tea, scones, and mini sandwiches, surrounded by 18 of my closest friends, all of which are stunningly beautiful, inside and out.  But instead.  I am going to watch Game of Thrones with Dada right now.  I’m not entirely proud of my choice.  But there it is.

I have so much to say.  I feel like a tube of toothpaste when I sit down to write one of these.  A tube that is near the end and all wrapped up on itself so the second you take off that cap…it immediately starts oozing out.  Unstoppable. Random.  Thoughts floating through my head.  The way you looked at me today when I picked you up from school.  That sweet giant smile.

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