10 Day Update, From Pony

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Hi Pony,

Here is the little video chat we had this morning. Some very interesting stuff in here!

Love, Daddy

Pony Husom, 10 day update from Arrowyn Ambrose Husom on Vimeo.

A Sneeze, a Hiccup, and a Poop.

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Lovely Pony,

Don’t have much time to write today but wanted to post this video of you for everybody to see. Its pretty darned cute. And funny. I’ll give you the password later in life to this bog so you can remove this part cause homies don’t play each other like that. 🙂 But right now I get to. HAHA.


A sneeze, a hiccup and a poop from Arrowyn Ambrose Husom on Vimeo.