My little Peanut, You started school last week.

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My little Peanut,

You started school last week.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9-4pm you hang out, do yoga, paint, do gymnastics, feed the bunny, grow a garden, climb ropes, and play in a giant sandbox, among other things, such as eating and sleeping.  I was a wreck the night before your first day.  Even though you have been going there in the afternoons for months, something about you napping there and having to send you off with a fully stocked lunch box really freaked me out.  I pack way too much food for you.  It’s how I show I care, I guess.  My biggest fears are you will go hungry or be cold.  So I layer your food and clothing.

The first week you did great at school was pretty pissed off at me at night.  It sucked.  I felt like I was the worst mother in the whole wide world.  Teacher Annette, the owner of Segray Preschool, gave me some pointers.  We put pictures of Dad and I in your lunchbox and I stopped talking to the teachers when I picked you up and instead sat down with you in a quiet corner so we can nurse and chat.  Since then, you have been in the best mood ever!!  I love it.  It’s been so much fun being with you.  You crack me up.

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