Dodged A Bullet

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I didn’t want to tell you this Squirt, but I was really scared all weekend that I was going to have to deliver you in some strange hospital in Chinatown.  I had anxiety dreams all night about trying to speak Chinese so they understood my birthing plan and all they offered me was green tea and bok choy.

However, the crisis has been entirely diverted and we have a new OBGYN and hospital that our HMO approved.  His name is Dr. John Francisco Cabrera and you will be delivered at Glendale Memorial Hospital which has a fantastic reputation and our doctor has 5 stars!  The other doctor only had 2.  I almost lost it, but this is how rad your Daddy is.  He totally talked me down and reminded me we always have options, which I forget sometimes.  You have the best father in the whole wide world, Squirt and I think we are two of the luckiest girls in the world to have him in our lives.  I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Anyway- I just had to tell you that because I want to run through Elysian Park laughing I am so relieved at this new twist and turn of events.  I really believe the Universe looks out for you if you believe it does.  And I do.

Lots of big love.

And by the way, nausea can go away anytime.  I get it.  You are in there.



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