Aunts and Uncles

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This Sunday was an almost perfect Sunday.  We went to breakfast with your Uncle Dusty, who is my little brother that everyone in the family knows should have been the oldest, his nickname in high school was Old Man, for Christ’s sake, and his lovely wife Jaime and your cousin Asher, who is only two years old and probably one of the cutest two year old boys I have ever seen.  We ate at your Dad’s favorite brunch restaurant in Silverlake called Dusty’s (funny enough) where he always orders the Eggs Benedict with Ham because he knows it will never let him down.  Afterwards we came home and basically napped for the rest of the day while I tried to keep my brunch down.  I think my Morning Sickness has officially begun because I feel like I am on a boat most of the time and every once in a while a storm hits and then it’s off to the toilet.  But I really don’t mind, because in a weird way it makes me feel good. I feel like I am earning my badge of pregnancy and that it’s real, you are real, and that makes me super happy because I have never wanted anything more in my life then I want you.

An old friend of mine from way back when who knows way too many of my most embarrassing secrets, handed me down her maternity wardrobe tonight along with the nursing chair we’ll be hanging out in and lots of other accessories. Too many to mention but when I showed your Dad they made his eyes light up and bulge slightly with the realization I have while I am puking, that this is real, you are real,  and there is no going back.
I met your Dad’s older brother Todd, his wife Karen, and youngest son Keegan tonight on Skype and I have to tell you Squirt, you’ve got some incredibly wonderful people on both sides of this equation that you are going to fall in love with when you meet them.
And before I go- your Dad has a name for you.  He’s been playing around with it all day,  tell us what you think:
I am not sold. Not entirely. But it’s really up to you.

Mom and Dad

wait- we are going to post pictures of the belly you are growing in- this is the first:


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