Moving on

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Today your father and I sat in our very first official Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conference while you played out in the yard. It was wonderfully awkward, sitting in the little chairs, as your teacher, Mrs. Fowler, told us how awesome you were doing. You are definitely doing a victory lap this year and you deserve it after enduring the whole friendship debacle last year in TK. I am so proud of you and who you are. Even though your academics are right on point and your reading is amazing, I care more about your emotional intelligence and Mrs. Fowler says that you are the kindest, most thoughtful, loving student she has. That you are the first to help if someone needs it. That you include other students in your games. That you pay attention. You are earnest. You are awake. You care.

That’s my girl.

We had a dance party tonight to Taylor Swift and I watched you for a while, in your fierceness, glimpsing the passionate being you are, with tears rolling down my cheeks. I don’t ever want this time to end. I appreciate every single second I get with you. Your guilelessness and fury.

I love you.

Keep on moving.

Love Mom.

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