5 is a big deal!

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You turned 5 not too long ago and it rocked my world. I felt so emotional watching you sleep that morning. You will be a bonafide “kid” soon, I see and feel it. I wish you could stay this age forever. It is my favorite so far. There is something so magical about this time with you. Your imagination is on fire. Your verbal skills are stellar. Your thought process-fascinating. We have conversations together. About big things. Feelings and such. You know what you want and don’t want. You can voice it. You have an amazing sense of humor.

You are magic and stardust and flowers and fairy.

Your innocence and purity floor me daily.

I hope to retain it as long as humanly possible.

You are still worried about getting a shot in your mouth when you lose your teeth. (Thanks Nils)

You are worried that Daddy and I will die before you. (ouch)

And that we won’t be together forever. (swoon)

You want to stay 5 forever. And I agree.





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