It’s too much, Mommy!

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Pony, we have turned a corner!!

The other night I was taking a shower, getting ready to go out on a date with Dad for our four year wedding anniversary and you were drawing upstairs, when I did what I always do when I take a shower downstairs and leave you playing up, I left the door open and immediately called your name as soon as I was out. I yelled, “Pony??” And you yelled back, “What??” And I then yelled, “Are you okay??” To which you normally reply, “I’m okay!!!” And then we proceed onwards. However, on this particular night, when I asked you if you were okay you responded with  potent annoyance in your voice,”Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Are you okay?! Are you okay?!!!  IT”S TOO MUCH MOMMY!!”

I burst out laughing in the bathroom.

This, was certainly, a new experience for us.

And yes, you are right.

It is, I am, too much, sometimes.

And I always will be.


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