3 years old!


It was your birthday last month. It was a magical frozen fairy of a day. Anna made a visit! She did! And she did magic tricks, sort of, and face painting, barely, and didn’t really sing to you like she advertised, but nevertheless, she was lovely and bubbly and oh so entertaining. You and all your friends from school were absolutely adorably enthralled. When I get my shit together I will post the photos. I just keep experiencing the strangest acute anxiety whenever I even think about going through all of the seemingly endless steps to get my filtered photos from instagram over here. But someday, peanut, I shall.

Regardless of my ineptitude with my computer and blogging, you looked stunning. You wore this giant tulle thing that was handmade and ordered from some lady in Virginia. It was Elsa “inspired” with snowflakes and the most beautiful blues complete with a blue snowflake headband. You were darling. So darling.

I loved watching your over the top excitement when a new friend would show up. It makes me feel so happy to see how happy you must be at your school, because if it’s any indication of the kind of glee you feel around them when you are there, then it must be a very happy place indeed.

After Anna came and went, we ate pizza, blew candles out of a gigantic costco princess cake, and then eventually opened your mountain of presents with my dear friend Michelle and her new boy Chance in her arms.

We were all exhausted afterwards and boy, did you go down without a fight that night.

I can’t believe you are three.

It blows my mind.

You blow my mind.

I love you, more than you will ever be able to comprehend.


2 thoughts on “3 years old!

  1. Oh Pony I wish I could have been there. Hope it was a happy day for you. Love and kisses. Your G from Utah!!Xxxx

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