Los Libros! Los Libros!- part of the toddler years.

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What a discovery!  The other day I had to kill us some time so I sauntered us into one of my favorite book stores in Los Angeles, Skylight Books.  I had no idea, Pony, no idea what seeing all of those books lining the shelves, and especially shelves made for your itty bitty height, would do to you!  You launched yourself out of my arms, chirping like a bird in your utter amazement and uncontainable excitement.  It was hard to keep up with you as you flitted ferociously through fiction, non-fiction, and fantasy, picking up and returning books you’d quickly peruse and then abandon on the floor.  I skillfully guided you towards the back of the store where the children’s section lived.  You planted yourself in front of one section and began to “read.”  Of course they were all books in Spanish, but I don’t think you really minded.

You have no idea how excited I was by your excitement!  I LOVE books, Pony.  LOVE them.  They are one of the greatest gifts on this good green earth.  To lose oneself in a souring fiction resplendent with sigh inducing words and images. There is nothing better.  To learn something new about anything or anyone you could possibly want to, ahh the thrill of acquiring knowledge!  Stories.  Telling, reading, living, breathing stories.  That’s my jam.  And I don’t mean the jam on your toast.  I don’t know why I have started using that word (jam) like that, but I have recently and it’s kind of fun though so not my usual colloquialism.

But I digress.

You love books. You do.  Just like me.

And now I have a treat for you tomorrow morning- there is something in this magnificent world that is going to blow your socks off! Seriously- you just might shit your pants when I take you to your first ever…drum roll please…. Library!! You will probably shit your pants anyway, but get this, there exists a building that houses ONLY books.  Hundreds and thousands of books on all different levels of shelving.  As far as your little eyes can see, there will be books.  And there is more, you can borrow them for a little bit!!  YES!!  I am not messing with you.  You can borrow any book for a limited amount of time.  It’s free.  Free.  And they nothing in life is.  They obviously don’t read much.

So that is our big plan tomorrow morning.

Silverlake Library here we come!

Silver Lake library 001

Silver Lake library 001 (Photo credit: Gypsy D)

Beware of a chirping baby.  You might think she is a bird.

Can’t wait, P.  Feels like Christmas Eve.

And this is you in your little blazer I couldn’t help getting you today.  Taking time to sniff the flowers.  My heart. 

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