Time for the good stuff

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As I turn my attention away from what is gone to what is gained I saturate myself in everything good about being an only child.  I think of all the traveling we will/can now do.  Places like South America, Laos, and Europe.  We love to travel, your Dad and I.  We had lots of plans to do it when we got pregnant with you.  We put those plans on hold.  But not for too much longer.  Ahoy!  I think of all the time I get to spend with you.  And your Dad. TIme is so precious.  I wasted much of it in my youth.  I treasure it now.  Speaking of time, there will someday be time to actually really  write, again.  Imagine that? There is also all the work with disadvantaged youth I can continue pursuing.  That can’t be a bad thing. I lose my train of thought, so easily, your Dad is biting my knee cap right now.  He’s listening to Rachel Maddow on his iPad and trying to connect at the same time.  I love him.  He’s adorable. Lastly, we purged the house on Sunday and let go of all the piles of baby gear we were keeping for the next one.  It’s insane how much we had.  How much to let go.  6 large trash bags alone of baby girl clothes, ranging from newborn to one year.  So much for Simplicity Parenting.  I think I failed on that one.  Oh well, thank God you can always begin again, and again, and again…

So good.  

Upwards and onwards!

Tally ho.  Off we go.


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