Happy Birthday!

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One whole glorious incredible challenging transformational excruciating year filled with emotional and physical bumps, bruises, and awakenings. I had no idea what to expect, and I am so glad I didn’t. Look at your face here, you look as amazed and befuddled as I.

After the party was over and all the excitement was done, you did some miraculous things. First of all, you ate an entire white nectarine down to the pit. I’ve never seen anything like it. I was only handing it to you as a distraction, I never intended for you to eat it. You’ve never liked it before. But suddenly, now that you are such a big one year old, I guess, you are full of new surprises.

And secondly, after your bath, and way past what usually is your whiny time, not only were you not following me around begging me to nurse you, but I was practically chasing you down to keep up with you. Your little legs are your primary mode of transport now, it seems, and I fear, the things that will take you away from me, little baby step by baby step at a time. But that’s okay. It is as it should be. You are growing up so fast, my little peanut. You are such big girl already and my heart just wants to explode every time I see you.

I love you.

Happy Birthday

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