Red Head

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You took 4 steps in a row the other night! It was incredible, but the best part was the look on your face afterwards, you were so proud and excited that you crawled in a circle screaming at the top of your lungs. Complete and utter joy. So unbounded. So inspiring.

I am fascinated with who you are becoming. You are by far the most interesting person I think I have ever met, besides your Dad, of course. I am so impressed with how perceptive you are. Nothing gets by you. I hid some egg maracas for you in a little green bucket by your toys and you found it immediately. I couldn’t believe it. And if I am wearing anything you haven’t seen before it intrigues you to no end. My hair, since it is in constant flux, warrants ogles every morning. Yesterday we were hanging out on the bed after your second nap, one of my favorite times of the day with you, and you were making me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. You were laying with my nipple in your mouth and you would stop suckling for a second to mumble stuff to me with my nipple still hanging in your mouth, then go back to suckling, on and off for almost 10 minutes. Just the sound of your voice alone was magical, like little fairy bells tinkling. Then suddenly you bolted upright and came at me open mouthed all tongue. It was my nose you were after and it was my nose you assaulted. Afterwards you went back to the nipple, and with your big eyes looking mischievously right at me you proceeded to slowly “pretend” bite me- just to see what I would do, I am sure. I tried so hard not to laugh and to seriously tell you “NO biting” but I couldn’t help my self. You were so nefarious and adorable. Oh man. I am in trouble.

Now about food- HUGE discovery yesterday that had me in tears. At the park with Kasper and Marie, she was feeding him this delicious looking polenta and veggies concoction that looked absolutely mouthwatering, on a whim she offered you some. I expected the usual refusal of anything on a spoon but lo and behold you gobbled that stuff up! And you wanted more and more and more. I felt bad eating her food but I was so excited to see you excited about something nutritious and delicious. Marie said she realized Kasper needed spices and flavor in his food, that the purees were too boring and solid finger food too difficult. This was a perfect blend of flavors and consistency. So last night I sautéed up some zucchini, broccoli, and tomatoes in olive oil and soy sauce which I pureed till chunky and added some couscous to. You loved it. I wanted to cry. It felt so SATISFYING to feed you without struggling. I felt competent and complete. It was amazing. Then this morning, when I offered you a special smoothie I labored over you promptly refuse. Then I wanted to cry out of frustration again. Oh well. Baby steps…

Look at this photo from the park, I am such a dork, honey. I apologize in advance for embarrassing you with my enthusiasm. That is a burrito in my hand. You both were assaulting me. It was a perfect day.

And by the way- when did you become a red head?

Who are you?


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