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So we did it, we “sleep trained” you. I gave in, I had to. I couldn’t go on the way we were, 5-6 times a night, up and down those stairs. So I compromised with your Dad, I said I would do it if we hired Brandi, a sleep consultant from The Cradle Company. and boy am I glad we did! She has been amazing. She’s the Baby Sleep Whisperer as far as I am concerned. Although it has been almost 14 nights since we started, and in some sleep training worlds that would sound ridiculous, but for us, it has been perfect. Never once did it feel traumatic or torturous. It has been a tedious, yet gentle glide the entire time. A lot of work, but I was willing to do it and the results are remarkable. In bed the last two nights by 6:30pm, asleep by 7 and save one dream feed around 10:30 not a peep until 7am. WOW!! I, on the other hand, was up from 4:30-5:30 sweating my ass off wondering if this was real or not. I guess not breastfeeding you all night is causing some hormonal displacement. Don’t mess with hormones!!

I just wanted to give you an update. I don’t have much time to write or be pithy right now so I’ll get to the point in other matters.

You LOVE walking with the wooden alligator push cart. It’s by far your favorite thing to do. A close second might be eating and throwing sand out of your sand box. And a third would be after your naps, when I pick you up in my arms, you look back down into your crib until I have grabbed all your loveys and you have them in your arms, squished together. It makes you laugh as we gaze out the window at the white butterflies flitting by. If you see papa and I give each other a kiss, then you’ll give each of us one. It’s pretty darn cute. Although you will smooch and roll on the floor with Scout. You can’t get enough of that fella. Your ardor is infectious. And rhythm- you got it! Especially for reggae, blues, or Indie Rock. Swaying your torso like a brazilian dancer.

I am so proud of you. I love you endlessly.

I’ll send pics soon.

When I get home.

I’m supposed to be working now. All I want to do is go home and play with you.


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