Potato Bug

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We have a new little routine, it seems. When I am nursing you to sleep and it’s clear that you are finished and ready for bed, you arch your body back while grabbing your lovey as I stand up from our nursing chair and you stay arched until I lay you stretched out like that in your crib, then immediately you curl up into a little ball as you roll over onto your stomach and pull your little legs up and underneath you like a little potato bug rolling in on itself, and in that way do you stay.

I love it. It is so endearing.

The flowers are beginning to bloom in the backyard and your father is watching an Obama rally in Ohio. We are watching our president speak. He is an incredible orator. He is also our first, and hopefully not last, black president. I really like Hillary Clinton as well, she almost became our first female president, close, but no cigar…not yet, at least. Maybe you can be president too? Why not.

We went to Descanso Gardens today where you watched some storytelling and then you crawled around in the grass for an hour chasing squirrels with a teething biscuit in your mouth.

After we got home you pushed your buddies Scout the talking dog, Jesus the beanie dog, and Cup Cake the gay alligator around.

After dinner you discovered a new purpose for a lid.

You are thoroughly entertaining P. It never is a dull moment with your brilliance in our lives.

I wish I had more profound insights for you but unfortunately all I can think about is how much my back hurts from carrying you in the carrier on our hike with Dada and Noodle today. I feel old, honey. My left hip is also aching and my right foot. I’m not sure we can continue doing that. It might have to be stroller only time. Ugh. You don’t like the stroller. And it’s a great stroller! It’s the Bob Utility. It’s completely awesome for trail running, of which I have done ZERO since I got pregnant with you. No, I lied. I have gone twice in almost two years. Ha. But the stroller is almost useless when it comes to running errands. It’s a bull in a china shop. The front wheel is locked so turning is a bitch. But whatever. I still love the damn thing, even if you don’t. I had fantasies of us running trails together but unfortunately, apparently, you don’t like being in it for too long, and inevitably either Angella or myself end up having to carry you at the end of our “walks.” Not so fun for us, by the way. Considering Baby #2 I became OBSESSED with the Britax B-ready last week. I saw some woman with it at the Farmer’s Market and couldn’t stop my stroller envy from leaking out like sticky icky goo. She could swivel and turn on a dime. When I looked it up at home it has 14 possible different double stroller configurations!! What the hell?? Who needs that many? Maybe I do? Do I? I have no idea. I have never had two babies before. Or a baby and a toddler, I should say. Maybe you both will hate the stroller and we’ll just have to hump you two around like cable till your 10. If it didn’t cost almost a thousand dollars, which is an inconceivable amount of money to spend on a stroller, I might have purchased it already. As it is, I am lusting from afar. But don’t worry- I am not giving up on the Bob. I will never give up on the Bob. One of you kids is going to love running with me in that thing whether you like it or not, I swear to God. Never give up the dream!!

Speaking of dreams, two of mine have been resurrected lately- I’ll share them with you since you are listening.

1) running an Ultra Marathon someday.

2) getting my bachelors and possibly masters/teaching credential at Antioch University (if money were no object.)

That’s it. We’ll see what happens. For now I will stay present and enjoy the heck out of you, your Dad, and this wonderful life we have of which I GET to be a part of.

I can’t believe my damn good luck sometimes. It really blows me away.



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