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I can’t believe we went from living upstairs from a musician who wore boots on a wood floor and was up all night doing…whatever…to living next door to a wannabe (terrible too, I might add) hip-hop DJ and now, it’s Jesus the Builder.


I mean, Really?

It’s like I am cursed.

He’s been sanding, not by hand either, something very large since he got home from work at 5pm. It’s now 7pm. It has to be one of the most grating sounds. Whirrrrrrr….whirrr….incessantly. Thank God we got the super sound conditioner for your bedroom P. I wish I had one for my head right now.

I swear. What you fear the most walks beside you all the time. I did not make that one up, Pony. Somebody much more intelligent than I did long ago. He was a great president at one time. I’m sure you will learn all about him. Which reminds me, I am reading “The People’s History of the United States” right now and even though I am on page 111, I can’t remember a damn thing I’ve read. Something about how the economic picture of early America didn’t look much different than it did today and it was just as sexist and racist. And if that comes as a surprise to anyone, than they need to get their head out of their….

I am tired and cranky, as you can tell.

I am venting.

Thank you for letting me vent.

You went to bed at 6pm tonight. It was just you and me. Dad is working.

I love you.


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