First Word!

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You said it, loud and clear. We both heard you. It was pretty f-in amazing, P. Quite the moment, one I will never forget, nor will your Dad. I will admit, I had a small hope Mama would be first, but I’m totally cool with Dada. He deserves it. It happened while I was sitting on the sofa in the living room having a conversation with my best friend Jessy in Sedona, Stella had just started crawling and we were celebrating THAT feat, when suddenly, all the way from the kitchen where you were playing with Dad, your lilting little voice rang out above Jessy in my ear and Hall and Oats on the stereo (that’s right, I said Hall and Oats)- DADA!! I stopped listening to Jessy and cried out- She said it!! Dada ran out with a huge grin on his face- Yep, she said it!! We beamed across the rooms at each other. A milestone met. Two parents rejoice.

This was after a fabulous Easter weekend. Saturday we went to the Self Realization Fellowship up the street where they had a super fun egg hunt. You found 3. Well, I found you 3. You kept one. It had 3 goldfish crackers in it. Then we took a photo with the bunny and a nun, then we left.

Your Dad loves to get into the spirit of things, that’s why he made me wear the bunny ears.

Finally, we got a family photo taken by a generous samaritan.

So that’s us- The Husoms.

By the way- I bleached my hair. When I came home from the salon you had to touch my face to make sure it was still me. I was scared you wouldn’t know me. You were scared I was someone else. We worked it out just fine. Every now and then I see you staring at it, then in my eyes, just to be sure.

Today, we went down to Dana Point to see your Uncles, Aunt, Grandpa Kenny, and cousins Vinny, Asher, and Nixon.

This is you with your cuz’s….

Then we came home and you said Dada.

What a miraculous day. Easter will never be the same.

I love you Peanut.


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