Sleep update

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Last weekend ruined us. The second night of “training” consisted of you waking up at 1:30am and not going back to sleep until 4:30am. All three of us were a wreck on Sunday. Your nose started running and a small cough began so we decided to hold off on any more training until you were better, or got some more teeth. Man, your teeth are stubborn! I keep thinking three more are gonna pop through but nope- not a chance. We decided to wait until this next weekend to train again. I am dreading it.

Yesterday you and I went to Descanso Gardens and walked around. It’s so beautiful there. We met a small baby on the grass and she told us to check out the Lilly Garden. I got lost looking for it and you started needing to nurse in the carrier so we ended up leaving. Descanso Gardens was filled with ultra conservative old white folks and I wasn’t sure how much they would appreciate our mobile breastfeeding unit, as discreet as we were.

Of course now, last night you slept from 7pm till 3am! 8 hours!! Then until 6:30am. It was fantastic. If we could count on that happening every night we’d be in heaven and could forget any God Awful training. I am crossing my fingers, toes, legs, eye balls, whatever I can. Please, please, please, try a little consistency, even though it is the “hobgoblin of simple minds.”

I don’t have much time to write today. The cleaners are here and as soon as you wake up from your nap we’ve gotta get the hell out of dodge. We are going to visit Rosa and her new baby. Then perhaps go for a walk in Griffith Park with our Ultra Bob. Product placement photo insert here.

Did I mention you sleep like a frog these days?

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