Holy Growth Spurt!

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You slept 10.5 hours STRAIGHT last night! WTF?? I kept waking up to make sure you were still breathing. Maybe it’s the later bed time or the 3 naps or your little brain just expanded making your limbs shoot out in all directions but you slept from 7pm till 5:30am when I fed you and then you kept going till 7:45am! I thought for sure that meant you’d be up till at least 10am but there you are right now, cooing in your crib, hanging out with your lovey, getting ready for your first nap of the day at 9am. You were tired, what could I do? Maybe we are all catching up on the horrendous experiment from last weekend. Whatever the case, it feels like divine intervention. I don’t ever want to go through that again and now it looks like we won’t have to.

I just searched for a good Sleeping Beauty photo to insert but they all creeped me out. Something about the long blonde hair, ridiculously small waist and pointy red lips.

I am getting ready for work now my little peanut. When you wake up Angella, your BFF, will be here to hang out with you, walk with you, read you books, and teach you things.

I’ll see you when I get home.

I can’t wait.

I miss you already.



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