8 months!

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First of all, I should know better than to brag about your wonderful sleeping skills with anyone or anything when you are on a good run. It’s like being on the freeway in Los Angeles traffic, everyone knows if you talk about it when it’s good, no doubt in 5 minutes you’ll hit a sig alert.

Oh my little Pony P- there I went this morning thinking I had jinxed you last night (you were up every hour and a half) and then lo and behold guess what I found this afternoon? Drum roll please…. A TOOTH!!! That’s right! Your first little tooth is poking through. It’s so exciting. Although I don’t think it’s as exciting for you. You struggled today. We both struggled. I feel like I went through Mommy boot camp. I’m covered in the various foods I tempted you with, to no avail, such as avocado, chicken, and carrots. My shirt is wet from your bath and it’s unbuttoned down to my navel from breastfeeding you to bed. I have looked better, that is for sure. Disheveled is an understatement. Exhausted but relieved that you are finally sound asleep in your crib with my favorite lady bug pi’s on you. They were a hand-me-down and somebody paid bucks for them. They have grips on the bottom of your footsies! You get what you pay for, I guess. Even though we didn’t pay for them…ehem.

Anyway- I have one photo of you today- after I had buckled you in and got you ready for a trip to the local rec center! Yay!! Here we go…

Look what a big 8 month old girl you are, with a tiny little tooth and all.

I love you Poo.


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