Begin Again

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I have been lax and remiss in my new mommy journalistic duties! I got sidetracked by my innate self-seeking compulsions. I’ll admit it. And it didn’t go so well for me. I almost lost my job over it. Phew- dodged a bullet there! Here is what happened, feeling like I was missing my calling as a professional writer and under some delusion that one must have a blog about writing to be a writer (totally boring- I KNOW!!) I tried to resurrect my Deprivation Junky blog- this is a blog I had a few years ago for the book I wrote of the same name- What a disaster that was.

First of all, I am no longer a Deprivation Junky. That was my 20’s. I am now living in opulent abundance, probably redundant but since I just ate half a bag of animal cookies, I don’t care. And due to my fortunate turn of life events (I’m talking about YOU and your DAD!) I would sit and stare at my computer these past few months wondering what to write about. I had nothing P! NOTHING. I became desperate, I thought I was suffering from Writers Block. I’ve never had writers block in my entire writing life. I always have something to say about something. Out of complete hopelessness I picked up one of my favorite books on writing called “Writing Down the Bones” and opened it up- the page said to write whatever I was obsessing about. Which was fantastic advice, if I had taken it and not warped it. Because you see, Pony P, I am OBSESSED with you, and everything about you, things you need, want, play with, eat, poop, wear- what it’s like to be your Mom and Tim’s wife. All things family, mother, and educator. THAT Stuff enthralls me. But instead of looking there- I thought about something else that was bothering me and wrote about THAT in way that should have been private but was public. A familial theme, you’ll learn soon enough. Lucky for us we have a very understanding Boss and he helped me see the error of my ways which I am so grateful for because it brought me back to you. Where I wanted to be all along. I have abandoned the other and returned home to you, Dear Squirt.

And even though I know I’ve missed some good moments back there, I promise to make up for lost time.

So here we go again, on our own, walking down the only road we’ve ever known.

You and me and Pony p.



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