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I knew this day would come and I dreaded it my whole life. I think it was actually one of the number one reasons why I didn’t think I would make a good mother. Because I think some people would question how I even feed myself, much less another. Maybe that’s why I love breastfeeding so much, it’s so simple and easy. I don’t have to think about it. Eureka! But the tides have changed and I now must start planning 3 meals a day plus snacks for you. Oy vey. To be honest, I usually end up giving you some of whatever I am eating, lucky for us, that’s usually pretty darn healthy. But you are a picky eater and not all days are eating days. In fact, some days are just finger food days. And then the other days, only breast milk with possibly a few puffs and seaweed mixed in. You LOVE seaweed snacks, and the more wasabi, the better it seems. You also like chicken pieces cut and shredded for you. You are a pretty awesome gummer, I must say. Kind of proud of that fact as one of my biggest fears has been choking. I am terrified of it. I think that because I am so scared of you choking, I keep giving you bigger chunkier things in hopes that you’ll be a gold medal chewer as soon as possible. Also a good cougher upper of items. I actually get excited when you cough something back up. Practice makes perfect.

I scan the ground every time I set you down for potential hazards. Anything is fair game for your mouth. I find you putting the strangest things in there. One day you found two tiny little white homeopathic teething pills and managed to get them in there. Impressive dexterity.

I think your two top teeth are coming in, but then again, I’ve been thinking that for months.

You don’t like bananas or papaya. But you love peaches and pears.

I don’t like bananas either, but I’m more than a little obsessed with papaya. I could eat it all day. With avocado, which you tolerate.

You look so proud of yourself when you sit with Dad and I, your chicken bits in front of you, on your face, your hands, all over the ground and our salads in front of us, eating together like the family we are.

Today we are painting easter eggs, your Dad has decided he wants to celebrate the holidays with decorations and traditions. So here we go…

Lastly, we are printing your hands and feet before your bath. I’ll post a photo later tonight.

I love you peanut.

And your little gummy smile.


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