Indie 500

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You never cease to amaze me. You are crawling like a maniac! My favorite though is during naked time when as soon as I set you down on the blanket after your bath you roll over and take off like Mario Andretti. Your little white butt is all I see as you race through the dining room and into the kitchen. Sometimes I crawl after you just to see what you will do. You stop and wait for me with a huge slobbery smile, and then take off again as soon as I bite your butt, squealing with laughter. Another trick we have discovered during naked time is you climbing up onto my lap, turning around, and then putting your head down onto the ground so I can flip your legs over your head. Somersaults, but you don’t call them that yet. You just love doing them. You also love biting my nose. I believe it’s your way of showing affection. I get it. A little aggressive, but I get it. And then, something your Dad and I love about you, is that a mere piece of string from a fluffy sock can entertain you for almost half an hour. You are definitely my daughter there. I love getting lost in lint.

You laugh out loud every time you see your Dad, no matter what he is doing. And when I lay you down in your crib you roll around doing gymnastics till you find that perfect sweet spot- usually with your butt in the air. You love your lovey. It gets pretty smelly. But timing it’s own bath can be quite tricky. I named it Gigi for you. You can change it if you like.

You have a friend. His name is Kasper. When you guys hung out the other day he was super into you and you kept trying to smack him in the face. I think it’s again, your way of showing affection. We might need to discuss down the line.

I love you more than I thought was possible.

I miss you every moment I am not with you.

I will always be here for you no matter what.


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