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My love,

We have been taking baths together a lot lately, mostly because you are constipated. But partially because I love them and want you too to. Tonight you got really excited running your hands under the faucet. You screamed at it like it was John Lennon and you were some hormone riddled teenager from the 50’s.

You roll over and over with a vengeance and have begun teething like a madwoman. Nothing is safe from your gums. You are already amazing at yoga. You can do plank with the best of em and happy baby? Forget about it. Although you haven’t been as interested in your feet lately, it’s been all about the hands. You seem to thoroughly enjoy laying on your tummy and watching your hands move around you, grasping for things, such as air. I picked out a lovey for you, I hope you don’t mind. It’s a pink and white spotted giraffe or cow, we can’t tell. Whatever it is, it works. You actually love your lovey! You don’t like your face being touched too much, however, you soothe yourself by putting your lovey over your face, and then you fall asleep like that.

Angella, your new BFF, says you are dramatic and long suffering. Hmmm…I wonder who you inherited that from? (As I look away and sigh dramatically)

You have been spending some time with her. It’s been super hard for me to stay away on my work days. I keep texting Angella and asking her if I need to come home and she keeps telling me to do my job so she can do hers. Hmph. I miss you when I’m gone. Every single second. I don’t want to go but I know I have to. It’s for the good of the family. And probably my sanity on some level.

I was just playing with your darling little hand while I nursed you back to sleep. I can’t believe someday it will be as big as mine. That someday you will be all grown, not my little girl anymore. It’s difficult to imagine. I want to savor every second of your smallness.

Tomorrow your Uncle Strider, Uncle Dusty, Aunt Jaime, cousins Vinny, Asher, Nixon, Nama Jill, and her boyfriend Chris are coming over for some grilled goods. It’s the first time they will see the house. Should be good times.

I’ll take photos. Or better yet, your Dad will. I’ll be too busy making sure your Aunt Jaime doesn’t steal you away with her. She loves you so much, you are lucky to have such an aunt.

Talk to you soon.

I love you and I really hope you never write in text abbreviations. That would make me terribly sad.



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