Some thoughts about you

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closest thing to god in your eyes
we stare at each other and i thank you for being here with me 
and wonder what took you so long
grabbing your own feet
pure delight
grabbing anything really
such a huge accomplishment
laughing at yourself
loving fabric
hating teething toys
smiling when you go to bed
crying when you have to take a nap
but not for long
and not really crying
you watch everything with such interest
always alert
always noticing
What are you thinking, Pony P?
i can’t wait to hear your thoughts
a penny isn’t enough
i’ll give you everything i have
because you
you have “stretched my heart and made me big inside”
and for that
i will forever be grateful
more than grateful
but i don’t know the word for that
it’s too big 
and you are so small
i love you
and always will

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