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I miss you Pony.
And it’s only been fifteen minutes.  But I rushed home from the Americana, where I was trying to find jeans that fit, and fed you because you wouldn’t take the bottle from Irene, and now I’ve gone again to the cafe to write and I want to cry I miss you so much.
I also wanted to cry trying on jeans.
So maybe it’s a hormonal thing.
But nevertheless, leaving you is always hard.

Trina thinks its’ adorable how you sing and talk.  She thinks you got it from me.  The talking part, that is.  Trina has heard me sing.  She knows better than that.  I’m not popular at Karaoke.

What I think is adorable is how your face lit up when I walked in the door today.  And the big smiles you had for Irene after you ate.

So what if we have to wait until you can drink milk from a sippy cup?  I hate to admit how much I love how much you need me.  It’s a guilty little pleasure I admit to no one.

I talked your Dad into waiting until we are back from visiting his family in South Dakota over Christmas (yikes it will be COLD) and you are over 6 months old to do any formal sleep training.  Phew.

We are moving February first.  To where we do not know.  Somewhere near nature, of that I am almost 100% sure.  I am trying really hard to stay out of the results.  Not my forte.

I think I am going to go nap in my car.  I know it sounds weird, but to me, it actually sounds super quiet and small.

I’m rambling.

I love you.  I can’t wait to see you in 45 minutes.


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