Happy Halloween!

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I had no idea how hard it was to write in 10 minute blocks spread out over days and weeks, sometimes.  It challenges the whole ‘flow’ notion of writing.  I can’t get into any groove, once I do, I have to jump up and attend to the baby. (that’s you, peanut)  And when I finally sit back down all my thoughts about whatever I was riffing on have changed.  I have tons of unfinished blogs out there in the blog ether, cold and lonely, waiting for a home they’ll never find.

Oh well.

You passed out tonight at 5:30pm.  Not sure if that means you’ll stay asleep, but I couldn’t keep you up any longer.  I am trying though because I hear when daylight savings ends this weekend, the whole world could turn upside down as you, my dear, don’t tell time yet.  Ha.

We have a new person in our lives, P.  Her name is Irene.  We met her today.  She is going to be playing with you on Thursdays so I can go teach and play myself for a little bit. You seemed to like her.  She has very sweet, kind energy and obviously LOVES babies and children, you can tell.  She wanted to hold you right away.  How could she not?  You are too adorable for words.  Seriously kid, you kill me with your cuteness.  I hope this works out.  Go gentle on her this Thursday and for the love of God, child, please take the bottle.

It’s 6pm and I hear you waking up already.

See what I mean?

If I leave this blog for later, I’ll never get to it.  I have to publish this, this meager little tidbit, and begin anew.

Real quick though- one of the people that lived her before us told Papa that there were TONS of tricker treaters in this neighborhood.

There was one.

And he was dressed up like the UPS guy.

Glad I bought 40 dollars worth of crappy candy.

We are moving.

In March.

It’s all I want for my birthday.



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