Nestle In My Boobies

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I love breastfeeding you.  Like Anne Lamott says, “it’s the purest form of communication there is.”

It’s so adorable and fascinating to me when you get super fussy at the boob and start punching it and slapping it.  It is totally your boob and you own it.  Then sometimes you get super contemplative and thoughtful, taking little breaks to stop and look up at me, a little milky grin on your face, then back to the boob for a few more pulls.  And lastly, when you have had enough and you just can’t take anymore you push off, literally, pushing the boob away with one hand another up by your forehead, like Scarlet O’Hara, then throwing your head back, milk running down your cheek and chin, eyes closed, arching your back and grunting.  It’s a process.

Now I know why my Mom breastfed my little brother Dusty until he was 3, she knew it was her last baby and she didn’t want the party to end.  I totally get it.  I don’t think I’ll be breastfeeding you till your 3, but I will hold out as long as I possibly can, I promise you that.

Papa planted us a garden today.  He put red bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrots in there.  He also stopped the ice cream truck to get me the popsicle I mentioned I was craving the other day.  He remembered that and did it, without me knowing.  You and I were taking a nap.  We got ourselves a good man Pony.  He’s setting the bar pretty high. But I know there is someone just as wonderful out there waiting for you, the trick is if I can convince you to hold out for him.  To never settle.  It’s never worth it.  You are too precious. I am going to remind you of that every single day of your life.  How wonderful you are.  How wanted.  How loved.  That your body is a temple.  Treat it that way.

Personally I’ve got my eye on a couple of guys out there for you. Don’t worry, I’m not going to arrange any marriage for you but I’m just planting the seed that if you grew up and fell in love with either Henry or Kasper, I would not be bummed.  I love their Mom’s and I trust they are gonna raise some special little boys.  It’s gonna be hard for me not to protect you too much.  I can already tell.  But the good thing is, you can tell me when I’m being an asshole, I’m pretty good at hearing that sort of thing and I can back off rather quickly.

I’m just so amorous of you.

You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life and when you look deep in my eyes and give me a little smile, it makes my heart do somersaults and backflips.

I adore you Pony Girl. Stay gold.


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