Pony is Here!


I love you Pony. I will always love you Pony. You were born at 2:11pm (PST) in Los Angeles on July 20, 2011. And so you know, that is exactly 1 year to the day that your mother and I met in front of my office, randomly, as she rode her bike into work at Young Storytellers Foundation. It looks like you did put us together. Thank you, sweetheart.

For the stats: you are 6 lbs 15 oz and are 19 inches long. You have brown hair and your features look like your mothers do, to me. Your Mom pushed for exactly 1 hour before you came to meet us. Thanks for making it tolerable for her.
I’m going to let Mom write all the details in her next blog, she’s a much better writer than I. Here is a photo and video of your first day.
I love you. Daddy.


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