Dentine Gum

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Pony honey,

A little update for you. At about 5pm the good and wise Dr. Dwight came to our room with his satchel of charms and potions. The tool of choice for us was a Dentine sized piece of plastic called Cervadil. This is used to help soften her Cervix. For all the fellas out there that means this helps to get that door open so Pony knows how to get out. The Cervadil takes about 12 hours to fully work so the next step in our trip to hospital camp will go down around 5am. There’s a bunch of stuff happening then which I’ll report on when the birds start chirping. A few more photos:
1) the time
2) Mom in her bed
3) Daddy’s bed
4) Pony’s bed
More later, Daddy

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