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Hey Pony,

It’s your Daddy here. Taking over the blogger duties for the time being. Your Mom is being busy being treated like a Queen here at Good Samaritan Hospital. Seriously, they are pampering her right now like she’s royalty. Our nurse’s names are Carla and Lori. Both are very sweet, with soft eyes. Perfect for us.
I’ll keep you posted on developments here. A few photos for now.
The top one is the time right now in Los Angeles.
The middle one is your Momma.
The bottom one is your heart rate and contraction monitor. It says you’re doing amazingly well in there!
Alright, more later.
Love, Daddy
oh, by the way, the photos are in black and white for a reason. I promised your mom that there would be no close-up shots and crazy discolored photos like they print in Hollywood tabloids. 🙂

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