Lessons in Motherhood #1

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This is not happening on my schedule.


I am not in charge.
All I can do is wait.
And accept what is.
I have to admit- Pony, you are much closer to God (loosely defined) at this point and so far, the two of you have done a pretty amazing job of organizing things, i.e. bringing Timmy and I together so why the hell should I start doubting you now?
This is going to be an amazing experience however it goes down.  Even if that means we medically induce on Friday, July 22nd.  I am okay with that.  Especially after a major meltdown this morning.  But that is how it usually works with me,  I have to experience complete defeat before I’ll throw in the white towel and give up.  Or at the least, loosen my grip just a little.
So dear darling daughter,  I’ll meet you when you get here, on your own time, and in your own special way.
But goddammit if we aren’t super excited to meet you.
By the way- we are a week over our due date. 41 weeks. Yikes.

One thought on “Lessons in Motherhood #1

  1. Hi Team! Autumn here.

    I have been thinking of you all weekend and especially last night when reading a particularly touching story in one of my Doula books.

    I'm sending you big love as you wait for 'The Great Letting Go' that is waiting there before you too.


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