Maternity Leave Rocks!!

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I used to joke way back in the day that my two favorite words in the English language were “open bar.”  Not anymore- now they are “full term.”

Something about hearing those two little words come out of my doctor’s mouth last week about you, my dear Pony, lifted this giant weight I had no idea I was carrying.  I practically skipped out of the office and into my car.  It was a milestone I wasn’t aware of and have made, and now feel a surge of confidence quite unexpected.
We are ready Pony!  So ready and excited to meet you.  We can’t wait.  We finally finished your room. It’s so precious and peaceful in there.  Sara, as a gift to you and us, painted it this beautiful light purple we picked out.  Then we added this super sweet decal on one wall.
We surrounded the window with purple fairy lights and at night the room has this amazing light and look to it.  You can’t help but relax when you are in there and soak up the serenity. Hopefully, it will have the same effect on you.
I have to tell you how adorable your Dad is.  He is so excited about your imminent arrival that he packed our hospital bag and is making tons of soup and stuff for us to eat after you are born. A friend of mine asked if my pregnancy was a challenge for our relationship because we are still so new, and I told her no way, it has been the most bonding loving romantic connected experience I have ever shared with someone in my life and that I felt closer to your Dad than ever before.  I can’t believe it’s possible to keep falling more in love with someone, but apparently, it is.
We celebrated his first Father’s Day yesterday, you and I got him a biography of Bukowski (his favorite author) then we made him breakfast and took him to get a foot and head massage in the San Gabriel Valley- a giant China town.  We also gave him two mac magazine subscriptions.  Very Papa like presents.  It was a super wonderful day.  We talked about you a lot. I’ve already signed you up for ballet classes and he’s got you playing soccer.  Don’t worry though- it’s okay if you love one and hate the other or both or neither.  It’s truly up to you.  You lead the charge.  Which reminds me, I’ve had this funny suspicion since way early on that you were going to be some sort of uber humanitarian politician- if that is not a dichotomy in terms.  I don’t know why, neither your Papa nor Iame political, but I’d say we are definitely humanists.  We strongly believe in life, love, and valuing both.  We each have made a profession out of helping people- me, children and him, artists.  And we continually strive to be the best humans we can be. So hopefully some of that will rub off…but the political part, I have no idea where that comes from.  The ether I suppose.  Just please don’t be an actress.  Whatever you do.  Don’t do that to yourself. There is so much more to this wonderful world than Hollywood would ever have you believe. I’ll explain more later when you are older.
So I am sitting on the couch right now in the afternoon eating grapes, talking on the phone, and writing to you.   I walked through Griffith Park for two hours this morning with my pregger friend Kelley and met a new and fantastic friend Gretchen for tea afterwards.  Awww Pony, this is the life.  If I could have a runner up for the favorite two words it would be ‘maternity leave.”  I had no idea how much I needed this.  I also know how much more I value this because of my job.  Sometimes you have to run to appreciate walking.
Well Pony dear, we are walking now.  No more running.  And I am enjoying every single step I take with you and your father right by my side.
I love you so much.  We are going to have an amazing birth together.  I just know it.

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