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I read this quote the other day in one of my favorite baby books so far:  The Baby Whisperer

Tip: The true joy of parenting comes when we are empowered and can follow our own inner voice of guidance. Keep your eyes open, become informed; consider all options, all styles of parenting. Then make decisions about what is right for you and your family.



I was given some pregnancy pj’s by a dear friend the other day and have to say, I could live in these suckers.  Your Papa was quite fond of the pattern and lace trim and wanted me to pose for posterity’s sake.  I think he’s secretly hoping he can hide them after you are born somewhere where I shall never find them…
I am super duper tired slow and sensitive these days.  Work has been challenging for me to keep up with but that’s okay because it all mellows out after this week. I feel tongue-tied and mentally twisted up,  I can’t believe the things I am forgetting and messing up.  It’s horrible!  I also lost my ankles the other day. One day they were there and then the next, they were gone.  Replacing them are two puffy stumps that seem puffier by the day.  Oh well.  What are you gonna do?  Bring it on, I say!  I know how lucky I am to have you growing in my belly, not everyone gets to experience this amazing gift.
I found what I think will be my next tattoo- after you are born, of course…
That’s you and me
love you

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