Simplicity Parenting

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We went to a Simplicity Parenting lecture the other night and I loved it.  We met our friends Katie and Hector there.  They have two beautiful little girls, Chloe and Mazzy, and Katie and I have known each other since kindergarten, sort of.  It’s a long story.  But, I really admire the way they are raising their girls and Chloe goes to the Waldorf School in Pasadena.  I like Waldorf Education and all it stands for.  I especially love their Pagan celebrations.

During the lecture, Kim John Payne, the author, asked everyone to think of their ‘Golden Moments’ of childhood.  At first all I could think of was being backstage at Laguna Moulton Playhouse before one of the many plays I did.  I loved the smell of the theatre, the excitement of opening night, the make-up and the costumes.  I was in heaven there.  I loved playing make-believe.  Then I went back even farther, to living in Dana Point.  I had a bevy of stuffed animals, no dolls really, one Barbie that my older brother Strider had given a mohawk to and burned swastikas into her face.  But my stuffed animals, they were so real to me, I could spend hours by myself as a tiny little girl making up elaborate stories that would rival any soap opera today.  I didn’t need a play station or a DS.  I never watched television or had a TV screen in the back of the VW Bug we drove around.  I was actually allowed to get bored sometimes and because of that boredom, I discovered and created so many things.

When Mom left Kenny and we had no money living in a tiny little house in Laguna, I remember that time as some of the best moments of what felt like a fleeting childhood. Strider and I would traverse the canyons with nothing but a stick until the sun went down.  When it rained we built boats out of shoe boxes and leaves, sailing them down the impromptu mini river behind our house.  We climbed the walls and we built forts.

This is what Simplicity Parenting is all about.  I truly believe I would not be as creative a thinker I am today if I had not had that kind of freedom to be bored.  This is something my Mom really did right.  She didn’t overwhelm us with gadgets or complex toys.  She allowed us to imagine, dream, and build.  Even if it scuffed up the walls or ruined her blankets.  It truly was golden.

And all the memories that people shared that night were the same.  Being in nature, being out till dark, being free, and young.

I want that for you.  I want you to get so bored sometimes you cry and out of those tears start building empires.  I see great things for you by having fewer things.  I vow to unclutter our life, beginning with my closet.  It’s ridiculous at best.  I hope we can move more into nature by the time you start walking and talking, so you can talk to the forest animals and swim in the sea.  I keep thinking Big Sur, I don’t know why.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Dreams.  I have big ones for you and me and your Papa.  And I am so grateful for my simple childhood, or I wouldn’t have them to dream.


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