Very Good News

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Yesterday I received a phone call from Dr. Dwight’s nurse.  She told me that she had some ‘very good news’ for me, that all our tests came back normal.  Normal.  How amazing is that?  Aunt Vanessa and I were saying last night it’s remarkable how when you first get pregnant you go from hoping your baby has curly blonde hair and big blue eyes (possibly) with long legs to being a boy or a girl digressing after all the statistics and tests to just praying that your baby no matter what they look like or gender that they are- please God, just let them be normal.  Let them have ten fingers and ten toes and be able to function in this crazy world.  That’s all.


I never knew that word could make me feel so many amazing things.

I don’t have much time to write more right now.  It’s been probably the busiest week of my life and I am still playing catch up at work.  I got sick, had the amnio, we moved into a house, and then we got married.  Like I always tell my actors- Go Big or Go Home. I should start saying, “Go Big, then go home and rest.”

It’s been a big week, to say the least.

I am going to post our sweet little courthouse wedding video as soon as your Papa emails it to me.

Love love love,

your less than normal Mom


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