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It’s been far too long. Your Papa is shirking his photo responsibilities so I am gonna write to you anyways, photo or no.  I’ll just describe myself to you.  I look fabulous!!!  No, seriously though, I think I am huge but according to other women who have had babies before me, I am tiny for four months.  But you are HUGE!!  You are the size of an avocado, my friend.  A very nice fruit to be, actually.  I am rather fond of avocados. Although I prefer them in their original form instead of all mashed up with other bits of stuff added in.  Meaning, I am not the biggest fan of guacamole.  I don’t mind it, but given a choice, I’ll take sliced avocado over guac any day.


I took my first prenatal yoga class last Sunday and really enjoyed it.  There were four other pregnant women in the room with two women who brought their 6 month old babies with them.  Listening to the coos of the babies while in a downward dog was something else.  So was watching a woman who is due in 3 weeks doing a handstand.
I’m sitting at a coffee shop with the sun beating down my back through the window and it’s making me want to leave.  I want to go home and take a nap.  I just might do that.  I thought I could stay here and get some work done but that ain’t gonna happen.  There are so many people here on their laptops furiously writing the next Oscar-winning screenplay.  It’s hilarious.  I get so sick of Los Angeles sometimes. I have always wanted to live in another city.  Maybe by the time you are old enough to remember we’ll be in Northern California.  I don’t know where in Northern California.  Just somewhere.
Hollywood Culture aside, one thing I really do love about LA is the hiking.  Especially on the Westside. It’s worth the drive.  There is a group called The Mountain Goats that have been meeting at 7:30am on Saturdays at different trails in the Santa Monica Mountains for over 30 years and I had the pleasure of running with them on a few occasions before you came into my belly. And unbeknownst to you at this point, I am planning on taking you with me as soon as I possibly can.  Hopefully, we’ll even be able to talk your Papa into coming with us and making a family trip out of it!  We’ll get up at the crack of dawn, which I imagine we’ll be getting up at anyways, pack up the BOB stroller, diaper bag, and other necessities and head on out.  The trails are stunningly beautiful and I can’t wait to share them with you.  This afternoon with my creative writing group at the Foster Home I asked each one of them to talk about that one place where they felt total peace and contentment.  And for me, it was hiking in the mountains.  I just love it.  Or swimming in the clean Pacific down in Baja.  Either or.  I’ll take them both.
That’s all I have for now.  I just started an 8-week writing workshop and need to do some writing for that as well.  Oh no!  With all this writing I might just become an actual writer someday!  Now wouldn’t that be a real hoot.
I love you mountains and oceans.

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