Week 15- Avocado

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It’s been far too long. Your Papa is shirking his photo responsibilities so I am gonna write to you anyways, photo or no.  I’ll just describe myself to you.  I look fabulous!!!  No, seriously though, I think I am huge but according to other women who have had babies before me, I am tiny for four months.  But you are HUGE!!  You are the size of an avocado, my friend.  A very nice fruit to be, actually.  I am rather fond of avocados.  Although I prefer them in their original form instead of all mashed up with other bits of stuff added in.  Meaning, I am not the biggest fan of guacamole.  I don’t mind it, but given a choice, I’ll take sliced avocado any day.

I took my first prenatal yoga class last Sunday and really enjoyed it.  There were four other pregnant women in the room with two women who brought their 6 month old babies with them.  Listening to the coos and aahs of the babies while in downward dog was something else.  So was watching a woman who is due in 3 weeks doing a handstand.  
I’m sitting at a coffee shop with the sun beating down my back through the window and it’s making me want to leave.  I want to go home and take a nap.  I just might do that.  I thought I could stay here and get some work done but that ain’t gonna happen.  There are so many people here on their laptops furiously writing the next oscar winning screenplay.  It’s hilarious.  I get so sick of Los Angeles sometimes. I have always wanted to live in another city.  Maybe by the time you are old enough to remember we’ll be in Northern California.  I don’t know where in Northern California.  Just somewhere. 
Hollywood Culture aside, one thing I really do love about LA is the hiking.  Especially on the Westside. It’s worth the drive.  There is a group called The Mountain Goats that have been meeting at 7:30am on Saturdays at different trails in the Santa Monica Mountains for over 30 years and I had the pleasure of running with them on a few occasions before you came into my belly. And unbeknownst to you at this point, I am planning on taking you with me as soon as I possibly can.  Hopefully we’ll even be able to talk your Papa into coming with us and making a family trip out of it!  We’ll get up at the crack of dawn, which I imagine we’ll be getting up at anyways, pack up the BOB stroller, diaper bag, and other necessities and head on out.  The trails are stunningly beautiful and I can’t wait to share them with you.  This afternoon with my creative writing group at the Foster Home I asked each one of them to talk about that one place where they felt total peace and contentment.  And for me, it was hiking in the mountains.  I just love it.  Or swimming in the clean Pacific down in Baja.  Either or.  I’ll take them both.
That’s all I have for now.  I just started an 8 week writing workshop and need to do some writing for that as well.  Oh no!  With all this writing I might just become an actual writer someday!  Now wouldn’t that be fun.  
I love you mountains and oceans.

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