A Lemon?

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Okay Squirt, how is it that you go from a Peach to a Lemon?  The only way I can understand it is to imagine that they mean an organic peach, which is relatively small, and a genetically modified lemon, which is relatively large, compared to the organic ones we buy, which are tiny.  That’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with. Hmph.

I spoke too soon when I said I was feeling great and had turned a corner.  I felt like a piece of chewed up and spit out gum being wrangled off of somebody’s old shoe the last couple of days.  It’s been rather awful. Hopefully, today will be better.

I was excited yesterday though when I ran into an old friend of mine on the Westside who, after I jumped up to hug her and blurted out I was pregnant, responded with I KNOW!!  Meaning, she could tell just by looking at me!!!  Hallelujah. Finally, I don’t just look like I’ve been gorging on pizza and beer.

Here’s an image for you- granted these morning shots are not particularly attractive but try to focus on the belly and not my face, please.

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking with my sweats that used to be baggy on me. They might have to be suspended for awhile.  It’s hard letting go.  I find myself in denial about certain clothing.  It’s like I want to keep the dream alive or something.
The reality is that I am pregnant.  There is no arguing that.  And the skinny jeans and size xs sweats are fading fast and that’s perfectly fine with me.  There are way better dreams to have and your Papa and me are dreaming them about you and us and we as a family every day.
Lastly, before I head off to work, we have a new name for you.

One thought on “A Lemon?

  1. OK Your dad figured out the comment thing. Ya!So I have some favorite names I thought I would share with you. Ashton, Sierra, Gabby, Hannah. Do you like any of those? Glad all is well. Luv Mama Judy

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