Pregnancy Brain

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It took me about ten minutes of staring blankly at my computer screen to remember that I was going to write a new blog.  I seriously turned on my computer, waited for it to boot up, and in that brief amount of time, completely forgot what I was turning on my computer for.

Now I can’t remember all the little stories and tidbits I was going to share with you.  Oy vey.  Such is life, these days.

I do remember that I am being barraged by intense feelings of exhaustion. I have to leave work as fast as I can so I can run home and lie down before I pass out either at my desk, on the road, or in our driveway.  I remember this because I just woke up from one of my ‘naps.’  Although I wouldn’t necessarily call it a nap, it’s not like any nap I’ve ever had before, it’s like I’m Michael Jackson being put to sleep with Diprivan.  I walk in the door, out of breath from the two flights of stairs, drop everything on the floor, lie down, and close my eyes.  Then it’s off to another world for almost an hour.  I don’t move a muscle during this time.  I wake up in exactly the same position I started in and I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.  I know I must snore.  I’m on my back, how can I help it, but I don’t even hear it.  And I’m a super light sleeper. YOur Dad breathes differently and I wake up, so this is super strange for me. I’m hoping this passes soon.  It’s putting quite the damper on my afternoon walks I was so looking forward to taking in my second trimester.  I have been taking yoga though, that is an improvement in my exercise regime and I am able to finally eat vegetables again.  So I know there is a God.

Another reason to praise Allah is that I finally broke the Blue Shield HMO code and we will finally be seeing the doctor and delivering at the hospital I found out I truly wanted. I spoke to enough moms and discovered who was the best. Dr. Wu was not for us. His name is Dr. Dwight and he is a legend in these parts.  He has caught nearly all of my friends babies and they swear by him on the Booby Brigade.  Not only that, but he delivers at Good Samaritan Hospital which is apparently the only natural birth friendly hospital in the region.  He is super birth, baby, mommy-friendly and loves working with doulas.  All I had to do was call his office, get a referral from him for a primary care physician in his medical group, contact that doctor, make sure they were accepting new HMO patients, call my insurance, tell them I was switching, beg them to make my start date Jan 1st instead of Feb 1st (they made an exception because I’m pregnant- first perk), call back the doctor, make an appointment for this Friday, then this Friday my new primary care physician will then give me a referral to Dr. Dwight which once I receive, I will then promptly make an appointment with.

They certainly don’t make it easy.  But it will be worth it, I know.

My belly is getting bigger.  I broke down last week and your Dad and I had a day at the Glendale Galleria.  One of the largest shopping malls in the country, I think.  It’s crazy there and scares me a little.  I’m not a mall girl.  Too many options. I get easily overwhelmed.  I much prefer small boutiques with limited choices.  But I needed pants that fit my belly and my ass and new makeup and t-shirts and I don’t know of a boutique that sells all three.  So off we went.  Your Dad is such a trooper.  He hung in there while I had my makeup done at Sephora and not only that but helped me pick out a couple of pairs of maternity pants.  They are these weird pants with wide bands of stretchy material at the top.  Totally unattractive but so comfortable I seriously don’t give a fuck.  I’ll wear anything as long as it doesn’t hurt.

And last but not least your Aunt Trina, who just had a darling baby named Henry, whom I hope you will become best buddies with, because his mom and dad are awesome, gave me two huge boxes of super rad maternity clothes on Sunday when we went out to Malibu to visit them and hear all about their birth experience.  Henry is only 8 weeks old and he’s already quite the charmer.  When I got home I started crying cataloging and putting away all the clothes she gave me because I am overwhelmed with the incredible generosity of my friends. It’s an amazing experience for someone like me, someone who has a hard time asking for and accepting help, to be showered so much love and support. I knew my friends were amazing. I just didn’t know to what extent.  Squirt, I can’t wait for you to meet Trina.  She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and downright hilarious people I have ever met.  We used to joke that between the two of us a quart of Jack Daniels didn’t stand a fighting chance.  And it didn’t, back in the day. But today is a different day and watching my dear friend that I’ve known for almost a decade feed and burp her baby boy with her charming and loving husband tending the fire nearby, glowing with pride and motherhood, I was filled with so much love and admiration for her and so grateful that even though we won’t ever be able to recreate the Jack Daniels days, we have so many more memories to create with our children and families that we are creating at the same time.  It’s super rad and makes me wonder at the timing of the Universe.  We couldn’t have planned it better.

Okay- I’ve babbled enough.  In a few minutes, Papa is gonna pick me up to go get some Pho down the street and then we’re gonna hit the grocery store and come home to both do some work till we sleep.  I am teaching a creative writing class tomorrow to a bunch of 6th graders on Egypt- of which I know very little about.  So I have some studying to do, it seems.

And lastly, it looks like we have a first place name for you right now, here it is, are you ready?

Etty Husom

big heart.




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