Barrio San Vicente, Riva!!

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We just returned from a lovely trip down to Baja California Sur, otherwise known as Mexico, to visit your Grandma Jill for Christmas.  She lives in one of the Magic Pueblitos of Mexico.  50 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific side of the peninsula.  She’s lived there for over 13 years and has an amazing home with a gorgeous casita on it and tons of fruit and palm trees surrounding it.  She also has her own art gallery called Galleria Logan where she sells her own art.  It’s the most striking building in the town.  I can’t wait for you to see it someday.  You might see it in November if you are strong enough to travel.  It is a truly magical spot in an otherwise arid desert, an oasis they call it, Todos Santos, All Saints. You are going to love it.  I just know it.  Because your Papa totally fell in love with it and I have to tell you, seeing the town through his eyes was such a treat for me.  I felt like I was experiencing it for the first time, all the smells and sights. He isn’t jaded by past escapades so I felt I wasn’t jaded anymore either. My Mom has lived there over 13 years and I’ve been sober for 6 so when you are old enough, you can do the math on that one. However, seeing Todos Santos with fresh new eyes was truly one of the greatest gifts your father gave me this Christmas, in so many ways.

Don’t let me forget to give you some of the highlights of the trip; different hikes with the dogs every day either on a beautiful mountaintop overlooking the ocean or along a gorgeous deserted beach with whales breaching in the distance. Delicious food all day and night, fantastic company (Jill has a bevy of entertaining, intelligent, warm, loving and generous friends to hang out with) and the cleanest air and water we’ve experienced in too long.

Here is a picture of your Grandma Jill painting:

You can check out more of her work at

And this is me with you in my belly outside of our casita:

As you can see we are starting to show!  Which is super exciting for me.  I love seeing my belly grow and I can’t wait till you get bigger and bigger and bigger and then pop!  out you come.  But in total Arrowyn fashion, I have decided to read every single book and piece of literature on birth I can get my grubby little hands on which has served my anxiety well.  I want to do right by you in this process, and right by me, the only problem is, that I don’t know what ‘right’ is yet.  Everyone has an opinion and they seem very passionate about whatever that opinion is.  As of today, I want a Natural Childbirth in a hospital which I am learning, is probably the most challenging way to go.  However, we are meeting Dr. Cabrera again tomorrow morning and you better believe we have some questions for him.  We met our Doula Tracy last week and we love her.  She has short hair like me.  She seems to think we can have the birth we want even at a less than birth friendly hospital like Glendale Memorial.  So we will see.  I keep asking you what kind of birth you want, but you haven’t answered me yet.  I’ll keep educating myself in the meantime.

Pregnancy updates: nausea has been subsiding but we’ve added a new component- dizziness.  Totally fun to stand up really fast and see what happens!  Never a dull moment with you Squirt!

For some more pictures of our trip go to

And if you are bored out of your mind and have absolutely nothing better to do with your time then watch a video Papa took with his new Flip camera he got for Christmas from yours truly then check out it out at  
In it, you will see our favorite beach, Las Palmas, where wild horses run the beach and Grandma sometimes gets bit by them.  It was too cold to swim this trip, sad face, but next time we are there, swim we shall.  The ocean and the air are so clean it’s breathtaking.

Yo te amo mucho mi hija.

momma squirt

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