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Oh, Squirt- this one might be rather short.  I’m not feeling so good the past few days and today feels especially challenging.  I feel like I constantly have low-grade stomach flu and trying to work while feeling this way is so hard for me. I wish I wasn’t such a baby about it but somedays I just want to stay in bed all day and have your Papa bring me treats.  Today is one of those days.

You are a prune now.  I love prunes.  I love their squishy goodness.  And they are never too sweet, that’s another nice thing about prunes.  I don’t eat them enough, I should eat them more now.  They could help with erratic constipation I’m enduring.

It’s pretty amazing that a little prune and a lot of carbs can create this belly:


So today, because of this belly and bum I had to pull out my first pregnancy wardrobe trick I read about- I took a rubber band and used it instead of the top button of my Levi’s. Unfortunately, my jeans were cutting into what felt like you and that made me feel very uncomfortable.  But now we are all good.  You are snug as a bug in a rug and I can breathe again.
You are amazing Squirt.  I love you.  Your Dad loves you. Your parents love each other. Life is good.  Keep doing your thing and I’ll see you soon.

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