Green Olive

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Okay, Squirt- two major developments took place this weekend.

One-you grew about an inch and are now not only the size of a green olive but a fetus instead of an embryo.  The fetus being the Latin word for “little one.”  You don’t have a tail anymore and you can move your arms and legs, which is pretty cool, I bet, for you, finally.  Getting some mobility in there.  Go nuts!!

Two- Mommy chopped off all her hair at the persuasive recommendation of your father. He seems to like short hair mommy quite a bit.  It’s terribly cute and gonna be great for hanging out with you.  I’m not one of those girls that have ever gotten along terribly well with brushes, dryers, and curlers.  Short hair certainly suits my personality and always has.  No hair farmers here!

Let’s see- what else?

You’ve been kicking up quite the hormonal storm these past few nights and it’s been pretty rough.  I’m getting through the days pretty well but seems like once the sun sets it’s progesterone party time and I keep thinking I’m going to projectile vomit all over Papa.  He’s so sweet though, I know he wishes he could do something for me, I can see it all over his face.  He would vomit for me if he could.  But he can’t.  So he gives me arm tickles and rubs my head, which is just as good.

My belly is bigger as you’ll see below.  I keep telling Dad it’s most likely just fat from all the Mac n Cheese I can’t stop eating but he says it’s all baby.  I have to tell you, I feel like I’m fifteen again eating Mac n Cheese.  It’s been that long since I’ve indulged and I love it. It makes me happy for some reason.  I made a lot of mac n cheese when I was little and taking care of myself.  Not as little as you are now, but pretty little.  I became quite the pro.  It’s a perfect balance between butter and milk, not too wet and not too dry.  Kraft is the best, although these days it’s Annie’s Organic.  Your Dad only wants the best for you even if it is boxed pasta.

Here you are:

and here I am:

And this is all of us together someday:

We love you, olive bear.  (I just made that nickname up)


p.s. it hit me in the shower today that I will have a husband and a child.  Whew!  And that I will be a wife and mother!  Labels are AWESOME and make me want to cry with gratitude.

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