Sailor or Pony?

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We meet our potential OBGYN tomorrow morning and get our first look at you through Ultrasound!  I can’t wait. I am so excited I might pee myself a little.  I got a little nervous today because my nausea hasn’t been as bad and I was scared that might mean you had gone away, but no worries, I looked it up online and it’s totally normal for symptoms to come and go week by week or even day by day.  And then your lovely Papa went to find me a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie I was desperately craving and all he could find on his hunt was a peanut-butter m&m cookie and a double chocolate chip brownie and just a couple of bites of each made me want to lose my lunch so I knew, yup, we still got it.  And I still don’t like peanut-butter cookies or double chocolate anything.  But I do love your Papa for braving the elements, it’s colder then a witches tit in December outside right now, meaning it’s below 50 degrees in Los Angeles, and pretty traumatic for me.  I can’t get warm no matter how hard I try.  I can’t seem to do much of anything either.  I feel super lazy and needy and that’s hard for me.  But Dad reminds me it’s the first trimester and I need to take it easy, that it’s okay to be lazy for now, for once.  He’s reading a book for Dads about pregnancy and it’s really endearing to see him take such an interest in you and how you are affecting my body.  He talks to you every night before bed, gives you an update on his day and stuff, but you already knew that I am sure.

As lazy as I am feeling I did get to exercise all weekend and I have to tell you, your parents eat extremely well.  We spend the money on it, for sure.  It’s super important to us that as a family we eat organic, nutritious food- sans the cookies and brownies- of course, but that is a rarity.  Your Dad is a kick-ass cook too- which I am sure you will appreciate as much as I do.  Anything he makes is absolutely delicious and so good for you.  He made a bean soup to die for this weekend.  We decided we needed to budget for you coming into our lives so we are packing lunches from now on.  I have a new craving for turkey and provolone sandwiches and nobody makes a better sandwich than your Dad. He said his own Father, Grandpa Fred, is the real master.  He once told your Dad that, “the beauty about sandwiches, Squirt, is that you can eat them every day.”  Words of wisdom.

Oh!  Your Aunt Jaime gave us a great name for you that I really like-  Sailor.

What do you think?

Sailor Husom vs. Pony Husom.

It’s so odd, being pregnant, Squirt.  It’s like my body isn’t my own anymore. It’s yours.  I am merely a vessel for you.  One of the books I just finished reading about fetal development ended with this line about parenthood:

We are meeting someone we know well for the very first time.

I burst into tears.  I can’t wait to meet you for the very first time. I know your Dad feels exactly the same way.

Hang in there Squirt.  We love you.

mom and dad


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