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First of all, because there has been some mixed reactions on the name Pony we bought a dictionary today that your Dad is combing through and finding all his favorite words in so he can write them all down on a very special list and hopefully create something totally adorable and unique just for you.  He’s very determined and creative so I have no doubt it will be incredibly special. Although I told him, Pony is not off the table yet.

I was at your Auntie Vanessa’s house the other day and my goddaughter, her daughter Mabel, who is 8 years old, gave you your first stuffed animal before I left.  It is a soft and snuggly little bear.  You have some really great Aunties that are dying to meet you and super excited I will finally be joining them in Club Motherhood.

I am very tired and  nauseous most of the time but have learned that if I eat every half hour something little then I can cope much better.  Which is great, except I am eating so much now that my pants don’t fit, so we went and did a little shopping today so I can have some flowy cotton comfy clothes to wear.  I really don’t mind though, because it’s all for you and your Dad reminds me every day many times during the day that I am a beautiful woman and how much he loves the changes that are going on in my body.

I hope and pray that someday you marry a man like your Dad.  That would be my greatest wish for you.

You’ll see, in time, I am certain, that all men were not created equal.

I love you I love you I love you I love you.



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